Struct rustc_middle::ich::hcx::StableHashingContext[][src]

pub struct StableHashingContext<'a> {
    sess: &'a Session,
    definitions: &'a Definitions,
    cstore: &'a dyn CrateStore,
    pub(super) body_resolver: BodyResolver<'a>,
    hash_spans: bool,
    hash_bodies: bool,
    pub(super) node_id_hashing_mode: NodeIdHashingMode,
    raw_source_map: &'a SourceMap,
    caching_source_map: Option<CachingSourceMapView<'a>>,
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This is the context state available during incr. comp. hashing. It contains enough information to transform DefIds and HirIds into stable DefPaths (i.e., a reference to the TyCtxt) and it holds a few caches for speeding up various things (e.g., each DefId/DefPath is only hashed once).


sess: &'a Sessiondefinitions: &'a Definitionscstore: &'a dyn CrateStorebody_resolver: BodyResolver<'a>hash_spans: boolhash_bodies: boolnode_id_hashing_mode: NodeIdHashingModeraw_source_map: &'a SourceMapcaching_source_map: Option<CachingSourceMapView<'a>>


The krate here is only used for mapping BodyIds to Bodys. Don’t use it for anything else or you’ll run the risk of leaking data out of the tracking system.

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