Struct rustc_middle::ty::CaptureInfo[][src]

pub struct CaptureInfo<'tcx> {
    pub capture_kind_expr_id: Option<HirId>,
    pub path_expr_id: Option<HirId>,
    pub capture_kind: UpvarCapture<'tcx>,

Part of MinCaptureInformationMap; describes the capture kind (&, &mut, move) for a particular capture as well as identifying the part of the source code that triggered this capture to occur.


capture_kind_expr_id: Option<HirId>

Expr Id pointing to use that resulted in selecting the current capture kind


let mut t = (0,1);

let c = || {
    println!("{}",t); // L1
    t.1 = 4; // L2

capture_kind_expr_id will point to the use on L2 and path_expr_id will point to the use on L1.

If the user doesn’t enable feature capture_disjoint_fields (RFC 2229) then, it is possible that we don’t see the use of a particular place resulting in capture_kind_expr_id being None. In such case we fallback on uvpars_mentioned for span.


let x = 5;

let c = || {
    let _ = x

In this example, if capture_disjoint_fields is not set, then x will be captured, but we won’t see it being used during capture analysis, since it’s essentially a discard.

path_expr_id: Option<HirId>

Expr Id pointing to use that resulted the corresponding place being captured

See capture_kind_expr_id for example.

capture_kind: UpvarCapture<'tcx>

Capture mode that was selected

Trait Implementations

impl<'tcx> Clone for CaptureInfo<'tcx>[src]

impl<'tcx> Copy for CaptureInfo<'tcx>[src]

impl<'tcx> Debug for CaptureInfo<'tcx>[src]

impl<'tcx, __D: TyDecoder<'tcx>> Decodable<__D> for CaptureInfo<'tcx>[src]

impl<'tcx, __E: TyEncoder<'tcx>> Encodable<__E> for CaptureInfo<'tcx>[src]

impl<'tcx, '__ctx> HashStable<StableHashingContext<'__ctx>> for CaptureInfo<'tcx>[src]

impl<'tcx> PartialEq<CaptureInfo<'tcx>> for CaptureInfo<'tcx>[src]

impl<'tcx> StructuralPartialEq for CaptureInfo<'tcx>[src]

impl<'tcx> TypeFoldable<'tcx> for CaptureInfo<'tcx>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'tcx> RefUnwindSafe for CaptureInfo<'tcx>

impl<'tcx> !Send for CaptureInfo<'tcx>

impl<'tcx> !Sync for CaptureInfo<'tcx>

impl<'tcx> Unpin for CaptureInfo<'tcx>

impl<'tcx> UnwindSafe for CaptureInfo<'tcx>

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