Struct rustc_middle::ty::GlobalCtxt

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pub struct GlobalCtxt<'tcx> {
Show 26 fields pub arena: &'tcx WorkerLocal<Arena<'tcx>>, pub hir_arena: &'tcx WorkerLocal<Arena<'tcx>>, interners: CtxtInterners<'tcx>, pub sess: &'tcx Session, pub lint_store: Lrc<dyn Any + Sync + Send>, pub dep_graph: DepGraph, pub prof: SelfProfilerRef, pub types: CommonTypes<'tcx>, pub lifetimes: CommonLifetimes<'tcx>, pub consts: CommonConsts<'tcx>, definitions: RwLock<Definitions>, pub(crate) untracked_resolutions: ResolverGlobalCtxt, untracked_resolver_for_lowering: Steal<ResolverAstLowering>, pub untracked_crate: Steal<Lrc<Crate>>, pub on_disk_cache: Option<&'tcx dyn OnDiskCache<'tcx>>, pub queries: &'tcx dyn QueryEngine<'tcx>, pub query_caches: QueryCaches<'tcx>, pub(crate) query_kinds: &'tcx [DepKindStruct<'tcx>], pub ty_rcache: Lock<FxHashMap<CReaderCacheKey, Ty<'tcx>>>, pub pred_rcache: Lock<FxHashMap<CReaderCacheKey, Predicate<'tcx>>>, pub selection_cache: SelectionCache<'tcx>, pub evaluation_cache: EvaluationCache<'tcx>, crate_name: Symbol, pub data_layout: TargetDataLayout, pub(crate) alloc_map: Lock<AllocMap<'tcx>>, output_filenames: Arc<OutputFilenames>,


§arena: &'tcx WorkerLocal<Arena<'tcx>>§hir_arena: &'tcx WorkerLocal<Arena<'tcx>>§interners: CtxtInterners<'tcx>§sess: &'tcx Session§lint_store: Lrc<dyn Any + Sync + Send>

This only ever stores a LintStore but we don’t want a dependency on that type here.

FIXME(Centril): consider dyn LintStoreMarker once we can upcast to Any for some additional type safety.

§dep_graph: DepGraph§prof: SelfProfilerRef§types: CommonTypes<'tcx>

Common types, pre-interned for your convenience.

§lifetimes: CommonLifetimes<'tcx>

Common lifetimes, pre-interned for your convenience.

§consts: CommonConsts<'tcx>

Common consts, pre-interned for your convenience.

§definitions: RwLock<Definitions>§untracked_resolutions: ResolverGlobalCtxt

Output of the resolver.

§untracked_resolver_for_lowering: Steal<ResolverAstLowering>§untracked_crate: Steal<Lrc<Crate>>

The entire crate as AST. This field serves as the input for the hir_crate query, which lowers it from AST to HIR. It must not be read or used by anything else.

§on_disk_cache: Option<&'tcx dyn OnDiskCache<'tcx>>

This provides access to the incremental compilation on-disk cache for query results. Do not access this directly. It is only meant to be used by DepGraph::try_mark_green() and the query infrastructure. This is None if we are not incremental compilation mode

§queries: &'tcx dyn QueryEngine<'tcx>§query_caches: QueryCaches<'tcx>§query_kinds: &'tcx [DepKindStruct<'tcx>]§ty_rcache: Lock<FxHashMap<CReaderCacheKey, Ty<'tcx>>>§pred_rcache: Lock<FxHashMap<CReaderCacheKey, Predicate<'tcx>>>§selection_cache: SelectionCache<'tcx>

Caches the results of trait selection. This cache is used for things that do not have to do with the parameters in scope.

§evaluation_cache: EvaluationCache<'tcx>

Caches the results of trait evaluation. This cache is used for things that do not have to do with the parameters in scope. Merge this with selection_cache?

§crate_name: Symbol

The definite name of the current crate after taking into account attributes, commandline parameters, etc.

§data_layout: TargetDataLayout

Data layout specification for the current target.

§alloc_map: Lock<AllocMap<'tcx>>

Stores memory for globals (statics/consts).

§output_filenames: Arc<OutputFilenames>

Auto Trait Implementations§

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Returns the argument unchanged.

Calls U::from(self).

That is, this conversion is whatever the implementation of From<T> for U chooses to do.

The type returned in the event of a conversion error.
Performs the conversion.
The type returned in the event of a conversion error.
Performs the conversion.


Note: Most layout information is completely unstable and may even differ between compilations. The only exception is types with certain repr(...) attributes. Please see the Rust Reference’s “Type Layout” chapter for details on type layout guarantees.

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