Struct rustc_middle::ty::ResolverOutputs[][src]

pub struct ResolverOutputs {
Show 13 fields pub definitions: Definitions, pub cstore: Box<CrateStoreDyn>, pub visibilities: FxHashMap<LocalDefId, Visibility>, pub extern_crate_map: FxHashMap<LocalDefId, CrateNum>, pub maybe_unused_trait_imports: FxHashSet<LocalDefId>, pub maybe_unused_extern_crates: Vec<(LocalDefId, Span)>, pub export_map: ExportMap, pub glob_map: FxHashMap<LocalDefId, FxHashSet<Symbol>>, pub extern_prelude: FxHashMap<Symbol, bool>, pub main_def: Option<MainDefinition>, pub trait_impls: BTreeMap<DefId, Vec<LocalDefId>>, pub proc_macros: Vec<LocalDefId>, pub confused_type_with_std_module: FxHashMap<Span, Span>,


definitions: Definitionscstore: Box<CrateStoreDyn>visibilities: FxHashMap<LocalDefId, Visibility>extern_crate_map: FxHashMap<LocalDefId, CrateNum>maybe_unused_trait_imports: FxHashSet<LocalDefId>maybe_unused_extern_crates: Vec<(LocalDefId, Span)>export_map: ExportMapglob_map: FxHashMap<LocalDefId, FxHashSet<Symbol>>extern_prelude: FxHashMap<Symbol, bool>

Extern prelude entries. The value is true if the entry was introduced via extern crate item and not --extern option or compiler built-in.

main_def: Option<MainDefinition>trait_impls: BTreeMap<DefId, Vec<LocalDefId>>proc_macros: Vec<LocalDefId>

A list of proc macro LocalDefIds, written out in the order in which they are declared in the static array generated by proc_macro_harness.

confused_type_with_std_module: FxHashMap<Span, Span>

Mapping from ident span to path span for paths that don’t exist as written, but that exist under std. For example, wrote str::from_utf8 instead of std::str::from_utf8.

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The type returned in the event of a conversion error.

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Note: Most layout information is completely unstable and may even differ between compilations. The only exception is types with certain repr(...) attributes. Please see the Rust Reference’s “Type Layout” chapter for details on type layout guarantees.

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