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This module contains logic for determining whether a type is inhabited or uninhabited. The InhabitedPredicate type captures the minimum information needed to determine whether a type is inhabited given a ParamEnv and module ID.


mod a {
    pub mod b {
        pub struct SecretlyUninhabited {
            _priv: !,

mod c {
    enum Void {}
    pub struct AlsoSecretlyUninhabited {
        _priv: Void,
    mod d {

struct Foo {
    x: a::b::SecretlyUninhabited,
    y: c::AlsoSecretlyUninhabited,

In this code, the type Foo will only be visibly uninhabited inside the modules b, c and d. Calling inhabited_predicate on Foo will return NotInModule(b) AND NotInModule(c).

We need this information for pattern-matching on Foo or types that contain Foo.


let foo_result: Result<T, Foo> = ... ;
let Ok(t) = foo_result;

This code should only compile in modules where the uninhabitedness of Foo is visible.