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This query borrow-checks the MIR to (further) ensure it is not broken.


  • A public API provided for the Rust compiler consumers. This file provides API for compiler consumers.
  • dataflow 🔒
  • def_use 🔒
  • Borrow checker diagnostics.
  • diags 🔒
  • facts 🔒
  • location 🔒
  • nll 🔒
    The entry point of the NLL borrow checker.
  • path_utils 🔒
  • place_ext 🔒
  • The borrowck rules for proving disjointness are applied from the “root” of the borrow forwards, iterating over “similar” projections in lockstep until we can prove overlap one way or another. Essentially, we treat Overlap as a monoid and report a conflict if the product ends up not being Disjoint.
  • polonius 🔒
    Functions dedicated to fact generation for the -Zpolonius=legacy datalog implementation.
  • prefixes 🔒
    From the NLL RFC: “The deep [aka ‘supporting’] prefixes for an place are formed by stripping away fields and derefs, except that we stop when we reach the deref of a shared reference. […] “
  • renumber 🔒
  • type_check 🔒
    This pass type-checks the MIR to ensure it is not broken.
  • Code to extract the universally quantified regions declared on a function and the relationships between them. For example:
  • used_muts 🔒
  • util 🔒




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