[][src]Crate rustc_target

⚙️ This is an internal compiler API. (rustc_private)

This crate is being loaded from the sysroot, a permanently unstable location for private compiler dependencies. It is not intended for general use. Prefer using a public version of this crate from crates.io via Cargo.toml.

Some stuff used by rustc that doesn't have many dependencies

Originally extracted from rustc::back, which was nominally the compiler 'backend', though LLVM is rustc's backend, so rustc_target is really just odds-and-ends relating to code gen and linking. This crate mostly exists to make rustc smaller, so we might put more 'stuff' here in the future. It does not have a dependency on LLVM.



Flexible target specification.



Requirements for a StableHashingContext to be used in this crate. This is a hack to allow using the HashStable_Generic derive macro instead of implementing everything in librustc_middle.