clean 🔒

This module contains the “cleaned” pieces of the AST, and the functions that clean them.

config 🔒
core 🔒
docfs 🔒

Rustdoc’s FileSystem abstraction module.

doctest 🔒
error 🔒
fold 🔒
formats 🔒
json 🔒

Rustdoc’s JSON backend

lint 🔒
markdown 🔒
passes 🔒

Contains information about “passes”, used to modify crate information during the documentation process.

This module analyzes crates to find call sites that can serve as examples in the documentation.

theme 🔒
visit 🔒
visit_ast 🔒

The Rust AST Visitor. Extracts useful information and massages it into a form usable for clean.

visit_lib 🔒


map 🔒

A macro to create a FxHashMap.


get_args 🔒
main_args 🔒
opts 🔒
usage 🔒

Type Definitions

MainResult 🔒

A result type used by several functions under main().