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Library used by tidy and other tools.

This library contains the tidy lints and exposes it to be used by tools.


  • Checks that a list of items is in alphabetical order
  • Tidy check to ensure that there are no binaries checked into the source tree by accident.
  • Tidy check to prevent creation of unnecessary debug artifacts while running tests.
  • Checks the licenses of third-party dependencies.
  • Tidy check to ensure that crate edition is ‘2018’ or ‘2021’.
  • Tidy check to ensure error codes are properly documented and tested.
  • Optional checks for file types other than Rust source
  • Check for external package sources. Allow only vendorable packages.
  • Tidy check to ensure that unstable features are all in order.
  • Checks that all Flunt files have messages in alphabetical order
  • Checks that all Fluent messages appear at least twice
  • Tidy check to ensure that tests inside ‘tests/crashes’ have a ‘@known-bug’ directive.
  • Tidy check to ensure that mir opt directories do not have stale files or dashes in file names
  • Tidy check to enforce rules about platform-specific code in std.
  • Tidy check to ensure that no new Makefiles are added under tests/run-make/.
  • Tidy check to make sure light and dark themes are synchronized between JS-controlled rustdoc.css and noscript.css
  • Tidy check to ensure that rustdoc GUI tests start with a small description.
  • Tidy check to enforce various stylistic guidelines on the Rust codebase.
  • Tests for target tier policy compliance.
  • Tidy check to ensure that all target specific tests (those that require a --target flag) also require the pre-requisite LLVM components to run.
  • Checks that there are no unpaired .stderr or .stdout for a test with and without revisions.
  • Tidy check to ensure below in UI test directories:
  • Tidy check to ensure #[test] and #[bench] are not used directly inside core.
  • Checks that test revision names appearing in header directives and error annotations have actually been declared in revisions.