dump_mir 🔒
As part of generating the regions, if you enable -Zdump-mir=nll, we will generate an annotated copy of the MIR that includes the state of region inference. This code handles emitting the region context internal state.
graphviz 🔒
This module provides linkage between RegionInferenceContext and rustc_graphviz traits, specialized to attaching borrowck analysis data to rendered labels.


Each time that apply_member_constraint is successful, it appends one of these structs to the member_constraints_applied field. This is used in error reporting to trace out what happened.
A “type test” corresponds to an outlives constraint between a type and a lifetime, like T: 'x or <T as Foo>::Bar: 'x. They are translated from the Verify region constraints in the ordinary inference context.


Cause 🔒
N.B., the variants in Cause are intentionally ordered. Lower values are preferred when it comes to error messages. Do not reorder willy nilly.
When we have an unmet lifetime constraint, we try to propagate it outward (e.g. to a closure environment). If we can’t, it is an error.
Trace 🔒