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This crate is responsible for the part of name resolution that doesn’t require type checker.

Module structure of the crate is built here. Paths in macros, imports, expressions, types, patterns are resolved here. Label and lifetime names are resolved here as well.

Type-relative name resolution (methods, fields, associated items) happens in rustc_hir_analysis.


  • After we obtain a fresh AST fragment from a macro, code in this module helps to integrate that fragment into the module structures that are already partially built.
  • errors 🔒
  • ident 🔒
  • imports 🔒
    A bunch of methods and structures more or less related to resolving imports.
  • late 🔒
    “Late resolution” is the pass that resolves most of names in a crate beside imports and macros. It runs when the crate is fully expanded and its module structure is fully built. So it just walks through the crate and resolves all the expressions, types, etc.
  • macros 🔒
    A bunch of methods and structures more or less related to resolving macros and interface provided by Resolver to macro expander.


  • BindingKey 🔒
    A key that identifies a binding in a given Module.
  • DeriveData 🔒
  • Finalize 🔒
  • MacroData 🔒
  • ModuleData 🔒
    One node in the tree of modules.
  • Records a possibly-private value, type, or module definition.
  • Everything you need to know about a name’s location to resolve it. Serves as a starting point for the scope visitor. This struct is currently used only for early resolution (imports and macros), but not for late resolution yet.
  • The main resolver class.
  • Nothing really interesting here; it just provides memory for the rest of the crate.
  • Segment 🔒
    A minimal representation of a path segment. We use this in resolve because we synthesize ‘path segments’ which don’t have the rest of an AST or HIR PathSegment.
  • UseError 🔒



  • Raw content of Fluent resource for this crate, generated by fluent_messages macro, imported by rustc_driver to include all crates’ resources in one bundle.



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