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Code to extract the universally quantified regions declared on a function and the relationships between them. For example:

fn foo<'a, 'b, 'c: 'b>() { }

here we would return a map assigning each of {'a, 'b, 'c} to an index, as well as the FreeRegionMap which can compute relationships between them.

The code in this file doesn’t do anything with those results; it just returns them for other code to use.



The “defining type” for this MIR. The key feature of the “defining type” is that it contains the information needed to derive all the universal regions that are in scope as well as the types of the inputs/output from the MIR. In general, early-bound universal regions appear free in the defining type and late-bound regions appear bound in the signature.


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Iterates over the late-bound regions defined on fn_def_id and invokes f with the liberated form of each one.