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Implementation of rustbuild, the Rust build system.

This module, and its descendants, are the implementation of the Rust build system. Most of this build system is backed by Cargo but the outer layer here serves as the ability to orchestrate calling Cargo, sequencing Cargo builds, building artifacts like LLVM, etc. The goals of rustbuild are:

  • To be an easily understandable, easily extensible, and maintainable build system.
  • Leverage standard tools in the Rust ecosystem to build the compiler, aka and Cargo.
  • A standard interface to build across all platforms, including MSVC

Β§Further information

More documentation can be found in each respective module below, and you can also check out the src/bootstrap/ file for more information.


  • core πŸ”’
  • utils πŸ”’
    This module contains integral components of the build and configuration process, providing support for a wide range of tasks and operations such as caching, tarballs, release channels, job management, etc.


  • forward πŸ”’
  • A helper macro to unwrap a result except also print out details like:


  • Global configuration for the build system.
  • A structure representing a Rust compiler.
  • Global configuration for the entire build and/or bootstrap.
  • Crate πŸ”’