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Feature gates

This crate declares the set of past and present unstable features in the compiler. Feature gate checking itself is done in rustc_ast_passes/src/ at the moment.

Features are enabled in programs via the crate-level attributes of #![feature(...)] with a comma-separated list of features.

For the purpose of future feature-tracking, once a feature gate is added, even if it is stabilized or removed, do not remove it. Instead, move the symbol to the accepted or removed modules respectively.


  • accepted 🔒
    List of the accepted feature gates.
  • active 🔒
    List of the active feature gates.
  • Built-in attributes and cfg flag gating.
  • removed 🔒
    List of the removed feature gates.




  • Those language feature has since been Accepted (it was once Active)
  • Represents active features that are currently being implemented or currently being considered for addition/removal.
  • Attributes that have a special meaning to rustc or rustdoc.
  • Some features are not allowed to be used together at the same time, if the two are present, produce an error.
  • Represents unstable features which have since been removed (it was once Active)
  • Represents stable features which have since been removed (it was once Accepted)



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