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The WIP stable interface to rustc internals.

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This API is still completely unstable and subject to change.

This crate shall contain all type definitions and APIs that we expect third-party tools to invoke to interact with the compiler.

The goal is to eventually be published on


  • pub use crate::crate_def::CrateDef;
  • pub use crate::crate_def::DefId;
  • pub use crate::error::*;


  • Define the interface with the Rust compiler.
  • Module that define a common trait for things that represent a crate definition, such as, a function, a trait, an enum, and any other definitions.
  • When things go wrong, we need some error handling. There are a few different types of errors in StableMIR:
  • Provide information about the machine that this is being compiled into.


  • Holds information about a crate.
  • Holds information about an item in a crate.
  • A type that provides internal information but that can still be used for debug purpose.



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