• When checking if a place conflicts with another place, this enum is used to influence decisions where a place might be equal or disjoint with another place, such as if a[i] == a[j]. PlaceConflictBias::Overlap would bias toward assuming that i might equal j and that these places overlap. PlaceConflictBias::NoOverlap assumes that for the purposes of the predicate being run in the calling context, the conservative choice is to assume the compared indices are disjoint (and therefore, do not overlap).


  • Checks whether the borrow_place conflicts with the access_place given a borrow kind and access depth. The bias parameter is used to determine how the unknowable (comparing runtime array indices, for example) should be interpreted - this depends on what the caller wants in order to make the conservative choice and preserve soundness.
  • Helper function for checking if places conflict with a mutable borrow and deep access depth. This is used to check for places conflicting outside of the borrow checking code (such as in dataflow).