Crate rustc_session

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  • Some facilities for tracking how codegen-units are reused during incremental compilation. This is used for incremental compilation tests and debug output.
  • Contains infrastructure for configuring the compiler, including parsing command-line options.
  • the rustc crate store interface. This also includes types that are mostly used as a part of that interface, but these should probably get a better home if someone can find one.
  • A module for searching for libraries
  • options 🔒
  • Related to out filenames of compilation (e.g. save analysis, binaries).
  • Contains ParseSess which holds state living beyond what one Parser might. It also serves as an input to the parser itself.
  • session 🔒





  • Raw content of Fluent resource for this crate, generated by fluent_messages macro, imported by rustc_driver to include all crates’ resources in one bundle.


  • Requirements for a StableHashingContext to be used in this crate. This is a hack to allow using the HashStable_Generic derive macro instead of implementing everything in rustc_middle.