Crate rustc_hir_typeck

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  • _match 🔒
  • autoderef 🔒
    Some helper functions for AutoDeref
  • callee 🔒
  • Code for type-checking cast expressions.
  • check 🔒
  • closure 🔒
    Code for type-checking closure expressions.
  • coercion 🔒
    Type Coercion
  • demand 🔒
  • diverges 🔒
  • errors 🔒
    Errors emitted by rustc_hir_typeck.
  • expr 🔒
    Type checking expressions.
  • A different sort of visitor for walking fn bodies. Unlike the normal visitor, which just walks the entire body in one shot, the ExprUseVisitor determines how expressions are being used.
  • fallback 🔒
  • fn_ctxt 🔒
  • This calculates the types which has storage which lives across a suspension point in a generator from the perspective of typeck. The actual types used at runtime is calculated in rustc_mir_transform::generator and may be a subset of the types computed here.
  • inherited 🔒
  • Categorization
  • method 🔒
    Method lookup: the secret sauce of Rust. See the rustc dev guide for more information.
  • op 🔒
    Code related to processing overloaded binary and unary operators.
  • pat 🔒
  • place_op 🔒
  • upvar 🔒
    Inferring borrow kinds for upvars
  • writeback 🔒



  • The FnCtxt stores type-checking context needed to type-check bodies of functions, closures, and consts, including performing type inference with InferCtxt.
  • When check_fn is invoked on a generator (i.e., a body that includes yield), it returns back some information about the yield points.
  • Closures defined within the function. For example:
  • The type of a local binding, including the revealed type for anon types.



  • Raw content of Fluent resource for this crate, generated by fluent_messages macro, imported by rustc_driver to include all crates’ resources in one bundle.