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The Rust compiler.


This API is completely unstable and subject to change.


abi 🔒
allocator 🔒
asm 🔒
attributes 🔒

Set and unset common attributes on LLVM values.

back 🔒
base 🔒

Codegen the MIR to the LLVM IR.

builder 🔒
callee 🔒

Handles codegen of callees as well as other call-related things. Callees are a superset of normal rust values and sometimes have different representations. In particular, top-level fn items and methods are represented as just a fn ptr and not a full closure.

common 🔒

Code that is useful in various codegen modules.

consts 🔒
context 🔒
debuginfo 🔒

Debug Info Module

declare 🔒

Declare various LLVM values.

intrinsic 🔒
llvm_ 🔒
llvm_util 🔒
mono_item 🔒
type_ 🔒
type_of 🔒
va_arg 🔒
value 🔒