pub trait TypeFoldable<'tcx>: TypeVisitable<'tcx> {
    fn try_fold_with<F: FallibleTypeFolder<'tcx>>(
        folder: &mut F
    ) -> Result<Self, F::Error>; fn fold_with<F: TypeFolder<'tcx>>(self, folder: &mut F) -> Self { ... } }
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This trait is implemented for every type that can be folded, providing the skeleton of the traversal.

To implement this conveniently, use the derive macro located in rustc_macros.

Required Methods§

The entry point for folding. To fold a value t with a folder f call: t.try_fold_with(f).

For most types, this just traverses the value, calling try_fold_with on each field/element.

For types of interest (such as Ty), the implementation of method calls a folder method specifically for that type (such as F::try_fold_ty). This is where control transfers from TypeFoldable to TypeFolder.

Provided Methods§

A convenient alternative to try_fold_with for use with infallible folders. Do not override this method, to ensure coherence with try_fold_with.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


AdtDefs are basically the same as a DefId.

For early binders, you should first call subst before using any visitors.