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This module defines the primary IR1 used in rustdoc together with the procedures that transform rustc data types into it.

This IR — commonly referred to as the cleaned AST — is modeled after the AST.

There are two kinds of transformation — cleaning — procedures:

  1. Cleans HIR types. Used for user-written code and inlined local re-exports both found in the local crate.
  2. Cleans rustc_middle::ty types. Used for inlined cross-crate re-exports and anything output by the trait solver (e.g., when synthesizing blanket and auto-trait impls). They usually have ty or middle in their name.

Their name is prefixed by clean_.

Both the HIR and the rustc_middle::ty IR are quite removed from the source code. The cleaned AST on the other hand is closer to it which simplifies the rendering process. Furthermore, operating on a single IR instead of two avoids duplicating efforts down the line.

This IR is consumed by both the HTML and the JSON backend.

  1. Intermediate representation.