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This module contains the “cleaned” pieces of the AST, and the functions that clean them.


auto_trait 🔒
cfg 🔒
The representation of a #[doc(cfg(...))] attribute.
inline 🔒
Support for inlining external documentation into the current AST.
simplify 🔒
Simplification of where-clauses and parameter bounds into a prettier and more canonical form.
types 🔒
utils 🔒


This visitor is used to go through only the “top level” of a item and not enter any sub item while looking for a given Ident which is stored into item if found.



This is needed to make it more “readable” when documenting functions using rustc_legacy_const_generics. More information in
clean_impl 🔒
clean_path 🔒
clean_ty 🔒
Because a Use item directly links to the imported item, we need to manually go through each import one by one. To do so, we go to the parent item and look for the Ident into it. Then, if we found the “end item” (the imported one), we stop there because we don’t need its documentation. Otherwise, we repeat the same operation until we find the “end item”.
This can happen for async fn, e.g. async fn f<'_>(&'_ self).
Synthetic type-parameters are inserted after normal ones. In order for normal parameters to be able to refer to synthetic ones, scans them first.
normalize 🔒
Returns None if the type could not be normalized