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Contains information about “passes”, used to modify crate information during the documentation process.


This pass is overloaded and runs two different lints.

This module implements RFC 1946: Intra-rustdoc-links


In a list of passes, a pass that may or may not need to be run depending on options.

A single pass over the cleaned documentation.


How to decide whether to run a conditional pass.

A shorthand way to refer to which set of passes to use, based on the presence of --no-defaults and --show-coverage.


The list of default passes run when --doc-coverage is passed to rustdoc.

The list of passes run by default.

The full list of passes.


Returns the given default set of passes.

If the given name matches a known pass, returns its information.

Attempts to match a range of bytes from parsed markdown to a Span in the source code.

Returns a span encompassing all the given attributes.