Module rustc_session::session

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pub use crate::code_stats::DataTypeKind;
pub use crate::code_stats::FieldInfo;
pub use crate::code_stats::SizeKind;
pub use crate::code_stats::VariantInfo;


Metadata associated with an item.
New-type wrapper around usize for representing limits. Ensures that comparisons against limits are consistent throughout the compiler.
Represents the data associated with a compilation session for a single crate.
A StableCrateId is a 64-bit hash of a crate name, together with all -Cmetadata arguments, and some other data. It is to CrateNum what DefPathHash is to DefId. It is stable across compilation sessions.


The behavior of the CTFE engine when an error occurs with regards to backtraces.
Holds data on the current incremental compilation session, if there is one.