Module rustc_codegen_llvm::abi

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Information about how to pass an argument to, or return a value from, a function, under some ABI.
A compact representation of LLVM attributes (at least those relevant for this module) that can be manipulated without interacting with LLVM’s Attribute machinery.
Metadata describing how the arguments to a native function should be passed in order to respect the native ABI.
Error from the homogeneous_aggregate test function, indicating there are distinct leaf fields passed in different ways, or this is uninhabited.
An argument passed entirely registers with the same kind (e.g., HFA / HVA on PPC64 and AArch64).


Error produced by attempting to adjust a FnAbi, for a “foreign” ABI.
Sometimes an ABI requires small integers to be extended to a full or partial register. This enum defines if this extension should be zero-extension or sign-extension when necessary. When it is not necessary to extend the argument, this enum is ignored.
Return value from the homogeneous_aggregate test function.


The first half of a fat pointer.
The second half of a fat pointer.