Enum rustc_resolve::ResolutionError[][src]

pub(crate) enum ResolutionError<'a> {
Show 22 variants GenericParamsFromOuterFunction(Res<NodeId>, HasGenericParams), NameAlreadyUsedInParameterList(SymbolSpan), MethodNotMemberOfTrait(Ident, &'a strOption<Symbol>), TypeNotMemberOfTrait(Ident, &'a strOption<Symbol>), ConstNotMemberOfTrait(Ident, &'a strOption<Symbol>), VariableNotBoundInPattern(&'a BindingError), VariableBoundWithDifferentMode(SymbolSpan), IdentifierBoundMoreThanOnceInParameterList(Symbol), IdentifierBoundMoreThanOnceInSamePattern(Symbol), UndeclaredLabel { name: Symbol, suggestion: Option<(Ident, bool)>, }, SelfImportsOnlyAllowedWithin { root: bool, span_with_rename: Span, }, SelfImportCanOnlyAppearOnceInTheList, SelfImportOnlyInImportListWithNonEmptyPrefix, FailedToResolve { label: String, suggestion: Option<(Vec<(Span, String)>, String, Applicability)>, }, CannotCaptureDynamicEnvironmentInFnItem, AttemptToUseNonConstantValueInConstant(Ident, &'static str, &'static str), BindingShadowsSomethingUnacceptable { shadowing_binding_descr: &'static str, name: Symbol, participle: &'static str, article: &'static str, shadowed_binding_descr: &'static str, shadowed_binding_span: Span, }, ForwardDeclaredGenericParam, ParamInTyOfConstParam(Symbol), ParamInNonTrivialAnonConst { name: Symbol, is_type: bool, }, SelfInGenericParamDefault, UnreachableLabel { name: Symbol, definition_span: Span, suggestion: Option<(Ident, bool)>, },


GenericParamsFromOuterFunction(Res<NodeId>, HasGenericParams)

Error E0401: can’t use type or const parameters from outer function.

Tuple Fields of GenericParamsFromOuterFunction

0: Res<NodeId>1: HasGenericParams

Error E0403: the name is already used for a type or const parameter in this generic parameter list.

Tuple Fields of NameAlreadyUsedInParameterList

0: Symbol1: Span
MethodNotMemberOfTrait(Ident, &'a strOption<Symbol>)

Error E0407: method is not a member of trait.

Tuple Fields of MethodNotMemberOfTrait

0: Ident1: &'a str2: Option<Symbol>
TypeNotMemberOfTrait(Ident, &'a strOption<Symbol>)

Error E0437: type is not a member of trait.

Tuple Fields of TypeNotMemberOfTrait

0: Ident1: &'a str2: Option<Symbol>
ConstNotMemberOfTrait(Ident, &'a strOption<Symbol>)

Error E0438: const is not a member of trait.

Tuple Fields of ConstNotMemberOfTrait

0: Ident1: &'a str2: Option<Symbol>
VariableNotBoundInPattern(&'a BindingError)

Error E0408: variable {} is not bound in all patterns.

Tuple Fields of VariableNotBoundInPattern

0: &'a BindingError

Error E0409: variable {} is bound in inconsistent ways within the same match arm.

Tuple Fields of VariableBoundWithDifferentMode

0: Symbol1: Span

Error E0415: identifier is bound more than once in this parameter list.

Tuple Fields of IdentifierBoundMoreThanOnceInParameterList

0: Symbol

Error E0416: identifier is bound more than once in the same pattern.

Tuple Fields of IdentifierBoundMoreThanOnceInSamePattern

0: Symbol

Error E0426: use of undeclared label.

Fields of UndeclaredLabel

name: Symbolsuggestion: Option<(Ident, bool)>

Error E0429: self imports are only allowed within a { } list.

Fields of SelfImportsOnlyAllowedWithin

root: boolspan_with_rename: Span

Error E0430: self import can only appear once in the list.


Error E0431: self import can only appear in an import list with a non-empty prefix.


Error E0433: failed to resolve.

Fields of FailedToResolve

label: Stringsuggestion: Option<(Vec<(Span, String)>, String, Applicability)>

Error E0434: can’t capture dynamic environment in a fn item.

AttemptToUseNonConstantValueInConstant(Ident, &'static str, &'static str)

Error E0435: attempt to use a non-constant value in a constant.

Tuple Fields of AttemptToUseNonConstantValueInConstant

0: Ident1: &'static str2: &'static str

Error E0530: X bindings cannot shadow Ys.

Fields of BindingShadowsSomethingUnacceptable

shadowing_binding_descr: &'static strname: Symbolparticiple: &'static strarticle: &'static strshadowed_binding_descr: &'static strshadowed_binding_span: Span

Error E0128: generic parameters with a default cannot use forward-declared identifiers.


ERROR E0770: the type of const parameters must not depend on other generic parameters.

Tuple Fields of ParamInTyOfConstParam

0: Symbol

generic parameters must not be used inside const evaluations.

This error is only emitted when using min_const_generics.

Fields of ParamInNonTrivialAnonConst

name: Symbolis_type: bool

Error E0735: generic parameters with a default cannot use Self


Error E0767: use of unreachable label

Fields of UnreachableLabel

name: Symboldefinition_span: Spansuggestion: Option<(Ident, bool)>

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The type returned in the event of a conversion error.

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