Module stable_mir::abi

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  • An identifier that specifies the address space that some operation should operate on. Special address spaces have an effect on code generation, depending on the target and the address spaces it implements.
  • Information about the ABI of a function’s argument, or return value.
  • A function ABI definition.
  • The layout of a type in memory.
  • The layout of a type, alongside the type itself.
  • Inclusive wrap-around range of valid values (bitwise representation), that is, if start > end, it represents start..=MAX, followed by 0..=end.


  • General language calling conventions.
  • Describes how the fields of a type are shaped in memory.
  • Enum representing the existing float lengths.
  • Enum representing the existing integer lengths.
  • How a function argument should be passed in to the target function.
  • Fundamental unit of memory access and layout.
  • Information about one scalar component of a Rust type.
  • Describes how values of the type are passed by target ABIs, in terms of categories of C types there are ABI rules for.