[][src]Struct rustc_ast::ast::FnHeader

pub struct FnHeader {
    pub unsafety: Unsafe,
    pub asyncness: Async,
    pub constness: Const,
    pub ext: Extern,

A function header.

All the information between the visibility and the name of the function is included in this struct (e.g., async unsafe fn or const extern "C" fn).


unsafety: Unsafeasyncness: Asyncconstness: Constext: Extern


impl FnHeader[src]

pub fn has_qualifiers(&self) -> bool[src]

Does this function header have any qualifiers or is it empty?

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for FnHeader[src]

impl Copy for FnHeader[src]

impl Debug for FnHeader[src]

impl Decodable for FnHeader[src]

impl Default for FnHeader[src]

impl Encodable for FnHeader[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for FnHeader

impl !Send for FnHeader

impl !Sync for FnHeader

impl Unpin for FnHeader

impl UnwindSafe for FnHeader

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