Function core::arch::x86::_mm512_getmant_ps

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pub unsafe fn _mm512_getmant_ps(
    a: __m512,
) -> __m512
🔬This is a nightly-only experimental API. (stdsimd #48556)
Available on (x86 or x86-64) and target feature avx512f and x86 only.
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Normalize the mantissas of packed single-precision (32-bit) floating-point elements in a, and store the results in dst. This intrinsic essentially calculates ±(2^k)*|x.significand|, where k depends on the interval range defined by interv and the sign depends on sc and the source sign. The mantissa is normalized to the interval specified by interv, which can take the following values: _MM_MANT_NORM_1_2 // interval [1, 2) _MM_MANT_NORM_p5_2 // interval [0.5, 2) _MM_MANT_NORM_p5_1 // interval [0.5, 1) _MM_MANT_NORM_p75_1p5 // interval [0.75, 1.5) The sign is determined by sc which can take the following values: _MM_MANT_SIGN_src // sign = sign(src) _MM_MANT_SIGN_zero // sign = 0 _MM_MANT_SIGN_nan // dst = NaN if sign(src) = 1

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