Module rustc_type_ir::predicate

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  • Represents the unprojected term of a projection goal.
  • Encodes that we have to coerce from the a type to the b type.
  • A ProjectionPredicate for an ExistentialTraitRef.
  • An existential reference to a trait, where Self is erased. For example, the trait object Trait<'a, 'b, X, Y> is:
  • Used by the new solver. Unlike a ProjectionPredicate this can only be proven by actually normalizing alias.
  • A: 'region
  • This kind of predicate has no direct correspondent in the syntax, but it roughly corresponds to the syntactic forms:
  • Encodes that a must be a subtype of b. The a_is_expected flag indicates whether the a type is the type that we should label as “expected” when presenting user diagnostics.
  • A complete reference to a trait. These take numerous guises in syntax, but perhaps the most recognizable form is in a where-clause: