[][src]Struct rustc_session::config::OutputFilenames

pub struct OutputFilenames {
    pub out_directory: PathBuf,
    filestem: String,
    pub single_output_file: Option<PathBuf>,
    pub outputs: OutputTypes,


out_directory: PathBuffilestem: Stringsingle_output_file: Option<PathBuf>outputs: OutputTypes


impl OutputFilenames[src]

pub fn new(
    out_directory: PathBuf,
    out_filestem: String,
    single_output_file: Option<PathBuf>,
    extra: String,
    outputs: OutputTypes
) -> Self

pub fn path(&self, flavor: OutputType) -> PathBuf[src]

pub fn temp_path(
    flavor: OutputType,
    codegen_unit_name: Option<&str>
) -> PathBuf

Gets the path where a compilation artifact of the given type for the given codegen unit should be placed on disk. If codegen_unit_name is None, a path distinct from those of any codegen unit will be generated.

pub fn temp_path_ext(
    ext: &str,
    codegen_unit_name: Option<&str>
) -> PathBuf

Like temp_path, but also supports things where there is no corresponding OutputType, like noopt-bitcode or lto-bitcode.

pub fn with_extension(&self, extension: &str) -> PathBuf[src]

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for OutputFilenames[src]

impl Hash for OutputFilenames[src]

impl<CTX> HashStable<CTX> for OutputFilenames[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for OutputFilenames

impl Send for OutputFilenames

impl Sync for OutputFilenames

impl Unpin for OutputFilenames

impl UnwindSafe for OutputFilenames

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