[][src]Enum rustc_errors::Applicability

pub enum Applicability {

Indicates the confidence in the correctness of a suggestion.

All suggestions are marked with an Applicability. Tools use the applicability of a suggestion to determine whether it should be automatically applied or if the user should be consulted before applying the suggestion.



The suggestion is definitely what the user intended. This suggestion should be automatically applied.


The suggestion may be what the user intended, but it is uncertain. The suggestion should result in valid Rust code if it is applied.


The suggestion contains placeholders like (...) or { /* fields */ }. The suggestion cannot be applied automatically because it will not result in valid Rust code. The user will need to fill in the placeholders.


The applicability of the suggestion is unknown.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Applicability

impl Send for Applicability

impl Sync for Applicability

impl Unpin for Applicability

impl UnwindSafe for Applicability

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