pub struct CrateInfo {
Show 17 fields pub target_cpu: String, pub exported_symbols: FxHashMap<CrateType, Vec<String>>, pub linked_symbols: FxHashMap<CrateType, Vec<(String, SymbolExportKind)>>, pub local_crate_name: Symbol, pub compiler_builtins: Option<CrateNum>, pub profiler_runtime: Option<CrateNum>, pub is_no_builtins: FxHashSet<CrateNum>, pub native_libraries: FxHashMap<CrateNum, Vec<NativeLib>>, pub crate_name: FxHashMap<CrateNum, Symbol>, pub used_libraries: Vec<NativeLib>, pub used_crate_source: FxHashMap<CrateNum, Lrc<CrateSource>>, pub used_crates: Vec<CrateNum>, pub lang_item_to_crate: FxHashMap<LangItem, CrateNum>, pub missing_lang_items: FxHashMap<CrateNum, Vec<LangItem>>, pub dependency_formats: Lrc<Dependencies>, pub windows_subsystem: Option<String>, pub natvis_debugger_visualizers: BTreeSet<DebuggerVisualizerFile>,
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Misc info we load from metadata to persist beyond the tcx.

Note: though CrateNum is only meaningful within the same tcx, information within CrateInfo is self-contained. CrateNum can be viewed as a unique identifier within a CrateInfo, where used_crate_source contains all CrateSource of the dependents, and maintains a mapping from identifiers (CrateNum) to CrateSource. The other fields map CrateNum to the crate’s own additional properties, so that effectively we can retrieve each dependent crate’s CrateSource and the corresponding properties without referencing information outside of a CrateInfo.


target_cpu: Stringexported_symbols: FxHashMap<CrateType, Vec<String>>linked_symbols: FxHashMap<CrateType, Vec<(String, SymbolExportKind)>>local_crate_name: Symbolcompiler_builtins: Option<CrateNum>profiler_runtime: Option<CrateNum>is_no_builtins: FxHashSet<CrateNum>native_libraries: FxHashMap<CrateNum, Vec<NativeLib>>crate_name: FxHashMap<CrateNum, Symbol>used_libraries: Vec<NativeLib>used_crate_source: FxHashMap<CrateNum, Lrc<CrateSource>>used_crates: Vec<CrateNum>lang_item_to_crate: FxHashMap<LangItem, CrateNum>missing_lang_items: FxHashMap<CrateNum, Vec<LangItem>>dependency_formats: Lrc<Dependencies>windows_subsystem: Option<String>natvis_debugger_visualizers: BTreeSet<DebuggerVisualizerFile>


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