Module rustc_codegen_ssa::assert_module_sources

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This pass is only used for UNIT TESTS related to incremental compilation. It tests whether a particular .o file will be re-used from a previous compilation or whether it must be regenerated.

The user adds annotations to the crate of the following form:

#![rustc_partition_reused(module="spike", cfg="rpass2")]
#![rustc_partition_codegened(module="spike-x", cfg="rpass2")]

The first indicates (in the cfg rpass2) that spike.o will be reused, the second that spike-x.o will be recreated. If these annotations are inaccurate, errors are reported.

The reason that we use cfg=... and not #[cfg_attr] is so that the HIR doesn’t change as a result of the annotations, which might perturb the reuse results.

#![rustc_expected_cgu_reuse(module="spike", cfg="rpass2", kind="post-lto")] allows for doing a more fine-grained check to see if pre- or post-lto data was re-used.