pub struct CodegenContext<B: WriteBackendMethods> {
Show 30 fields pub backend: B, pub prof: SelfProfilerRef, pub lto: Lto, pub save_temps: bool, pub fewer_names: bool, pub time_trace: bool, pub exported_symbols: Option<Arc<ExportedSymbols>>, pub opts: Arc<Options>, pub crate_types: Vec<CrateType>, pub each_linked_rlib_for_lto: Vec<(CrateNum, PathBuf)>, pub output_filenames: Arc<OutputFilenames>, pub regular_module_config: Arc<ModuleConfig>, pub metadata_module_config: Arc<ModuleConfig>, pub allocator_module_config: Arc<ModuleConfig>, pub tm_factory: TargetMachineFactoryFn<B>, pub msvc_imps_needed: bool, pub is_pe_coff: bool, pub target_can_use_split_dwarf: bool, pub target_pointer_width: u32, pub target_arch: String, pub debuginfo: DebugInfo, pub split_debuginfo: SplitDebuginfo, pub split_dwarf_kind: SplitDwarfKind, pub total_cgus: usize, pub diag_emitter: SharedEmitter, pub remark: Passes, pub worker: usize, pub incr_comp_session_dir: Option<PathBuf>, pub cgu_reuse_tracker: CguReuseTracker, pub coordinator_send: Sender<Box<dyn Any + Send>>,
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Additional resources used by optimize_and_codegen (not module specific)


backend: Bprof: SelfProfilerReflto: Ltosave_temps: boolfewer_names: booltime_trace: boolexported_symbols: Option<Arc<ExportedSymbols>>opts: Arc<Options>crate_types: Vec<CrateType>each_linked_rlib_for_lto: Vec<(CrateNum, PathBuf)>output_filenames: Arc<OutputFilenames>regular_module_config: Arc<ModuleConfig>metadata_module_config: Arc<ModuleConfig>allocator_module_config: Arc<ModuleConfig>tm_factory: TargetMachineFactoryFn<B>msvc_imps_needed: boolis_pe_coff: booltarget_can_use_split_dwarf: booltarget_pointer_width: u32target_arch: Stringdebuginfo: DebugInfosplit_debuginfo: SplitDebuginfosplit_dwarf_kind: SplitDwarfKindtotal_cgus: usizediag_emitter: SharedEmitterremark: Passesworker: usizeincr_comp_session_dir: Option<PathBuf>cgu_reuse_tracker: CguReuseTrackercoordinator_send: Sender<Box<dyn Any + Send>>


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The type returned in the event of a conversion error.

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