pub struct ModuleConfig {
Show 30 fields pub passes: Vec<String>, pub opt_level: Option<OptLevel>, pub opt_size: Option<OptLevel>, pub pgo_gen: SwitchWithOptPath, pub pgo_use: Option<PathBuf>, pub pgo_sample_use: Option<PathBuf>, pub debug_info_for_profiling: bool, pub instrument_coverage: bool, pub instrument_gcov: bool, pub sanitizer: SanitizerSet, pub sanitizer_recover: SanitizerSet, pub sanitizer_memory_track_origins: usize, pub emit_pre_lto_bc: bool, pub emit_no_opt_bc: bool, pub emit_bc: bool, pub emit_ir: bool, pub emit_asm: bool, pub emit_obj: EmitObj, pub bc_cmdline: String, pub verify_llvm_ir: bool, pub no_prepopulate_passes: bool, pub no_builtins: bool, pub time_module: bool, pub vectorize_loop: bool, pub vectorize_slp: bool, pub merge_functions: bool, pub inline_threshold: Option<u32>, pub new_llvm_pass_manager: Option<bool>, pub emit_lifetime_markers: bool, pub llvm_plugins: Vec<String>,
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Module-specific configuration for optimize_and_codegen.


passes: Vec<String>

Names of additional optimization passes to run.

opt_level: Option<OptLevel>

Some(level) to optimize at a certain level, or None to run absolutely no optimizations (used for the metadata module).

opt_size: Option<OptLevel>

Some(level) to optimize binary size, or None to not affect program size.

pgo_gen: SwitchWithOptPathpgo_use: Option<PathBuf>pgo_sample_use: Option<PathBuf>debug_info_for_profiling: boolinstrument_coverage: boolinstrument_gcov: boolsanitizer: SanitizerSetsanitizer_recover: SanitizerSetsanitizer_memory_track_origins: usizeemit_pre_lto_bc: boolemit_no_opt_bc: boolemit_bc: boolemit_ir: boolemit_asm: boolemit_obj: EmitObjbc_cmdline: Stringverify_llvm_ir: boolno_prepopulate_passes: boolno_builtins: booltime_module: boolvectorize_loop: boolvectorize_slp: boolmerge_functions: boolinline_threshold: Option<u32>new_llvm_pass_manager: Option<bool>emit_lifetime_markers: boolllvm_plugins: Vec<String>


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