Trait rustc_hir::intravisit::Map[][src]

pub trait Map<'hir> {
    fn find(&self, hir_id: HirId) -> Option<Node<'hir>>;
fn body(&self, id: BodyId) -> &'hir Body<'hir>;
fn item(&self, id: ItemId) -> &'hir Item<'hir>;
fn trait_item(&self, id: TraitItemId) -> &'hir TraitItem<'hir>;
fn impl_item(&self, id: ImplItemId) -> &'hir ImplItem<'hir>;
fn foreign_item(&self, id: ForeignItemId) -> &'hir ForeignItem<'hir>; }
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An abstract representation of the HIR rustc_middle::hir::map::Map.

Required methods

Retrieves the Node corresponding to id, returning None if cannot be found.