[][src]Struct rustc_interface::interface::Config

pub struct Config {
    pub opts: Options,
    pub crate_cfg: FxHashSet<(String, Option<String>)>,
    pub input: Input,
    pub input_path: Option<PathBuf>,
    pub output_dir: Option<PathBuf>,
    pub output_file: Option<PathBuf>,
    pub file_loader: Option<Box<dyn FileLoader + Send + Sync>>,
    pub diagnostic_output: DiagnosticOutput,
    pub stderr: Option<Arc<Mutex<Vec<u8>>>>,
    pub crate_name: Option<String>,
    pub lint_caps: FxHashMap<LintId, Level>,
    pub register_lints: Option<Box<dyn Fn(&Session, &mut LintStore) + Send + Sync>>,
    pub override_queries: Option<fn(_: &Session, _: &mut Providers, _: &mut Providers)>,
    pub registry: Registry,

The compiler configuration


opts: Options

Command line options

crate_cfg: FxHashSet<(String, Option<String>)>

cfg! configuration in addition to the default ones

input: Inputinput_path: Option<PathBuf>output_dir: Option<PathBuf>output_file: Option<PathBuf>file_loader: Option<Box<dyn FileLoader + Send + Sync>>diagnostic_output: DiagnosticOutputstderr: Option<Arc<Mutex<Vec<u8>>>>

Set to capture stderr output during compiler execution

crate_name: Option<String>lint_caps: FxHashMap<LintId, Level>register_lints: Option<Box<dyn Fn(&Session, &mut LintStore) + Send + Sync>>

This is a callback from the driver that is called when we're registering lints; it is called during plugin registration when we have the LintStore in a non-shared state.

Note that if you find a Some here you probably want to call that function in the new function being registered.

override_queries: Option<fn(_: &Session, _: &mut Providers, _: &mut Providers)>

This is a callback from the driver that is called just after we have populated the list of queries.

The second parameter is local providers and the third parameter is external providers.

registry: Registry

Registry of diagnostics codes.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Config

impl Send for Config

impl !Sync for Config

impl Unpin for Config

impl !UnwindSafe for Config

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