Struct rustc_session::parse::ParseSess[][src]

pub struct ParseSess {
Show 17 fields pub span_diagnostic: Handler, pub unstable_features: UnstableFeatures, pub config: CrateConfig, pub edition: Edition, pub missing_fragment_specifiers: Lock<FxHashMap<Span, NodeId>>, pub raw_identifier_spans: Lock<Vec<Span>>, source_map: Lrc<SourceMap>, pub buffered_lints: Lock<Vec<BufferedEarlyLint>>, pub ambiguous_block_expr_parse: Lock<FxHashMap<Span, Span>>, pub gated_spans: GatedSpans, pub symbol_gallery: SymbolGallery, pub reached_eof: Lock<bool>, pub env_depinfo: Lock<FxHashSet<(Symbol, Option<Symbol>)>>, pub file_depinfo: Lock<FxHashSet<Symbol>>, pub type_ascription_path_suggestions: Lock<FxHashSet<Span>>, pub assume_incomplete_release: bool, pub proc_macro_quoted_spans: Lock<Vec<Span>>,
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Info about a parsing session.


span_diagnostic: Handlerunstable_features: UnstableFeaturesconfig: CrateConfigedition: Editionmissing_fragment_specifiers: Lock<FxHashMap<Span, NodeId>>raw_identifier_spans: Lock<Vec<Span>>

Places where raw identifiers were used. This is used for feature-gating raw identifiers.

source_map: Lrc<SourceMap>buffered_lints: Lock<Vec<BufferedEarlyLint>>ambiguous_block_expr_parse: Lock<FxHashMap<Span, Span>>

Contains the spans of block expressions that could have been incomplete based on the operation token that followed it, but that the parser cannot identify without further analysis.

gated_spans: GatedSpanssymbol_gallery: SymbolGalleryreached_eof: Lock<bool>

The parser has reached Eof due to an unclosed brace. Used to silence unnecessary errors.

env_depinfo: Lock<FxHashSet<(Symbol, Option<Symbol>)>>

Environment variables accessed during the build and their values when they exist.

file_depinfo: Lock<FxHashSet<Symbol>>

File paths accessed during the build.

type_ascription_path_suggestions: Lock<FxHashSet<Span>>

All the type ascriptions expressions that have had a suggestion for likely path typo.

assume_incomplete_release: bool

Whether cfg(version) should treat the current release as incomplete

proc_macro_quoted_spans: Lock<Vec<Span>>

Spans passed to proc_macro::quote_span. Each span has a numerical identifier represented by its position in the vector.


Used for testing.

Extend an error with a suggestion to wrap an expression with parentheses to allow the parser to continue parsing the following operation as part of the same expression.

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