Function core::arch::x86_64::_mm_getcsr

1.27.0 · source ·
pub unsafe fn _mm_getcsr() -> u32
👎Deprecated since 1.75.0: see _mm_getcsr documentation - use inline assembly instead
Available on (x86 or x86-64) and target feature sse and x86-64 only.
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Gets the unsigned 32-bit value of the MXCSR control and status register.

Note that Rust makes no guarantees whatsoever about the contents of this register: Rust floating-point operations may or may not result in this register getting updated with exception state, and the register can change between two invocations of this function even when no floating-point operations appear in the source code (since floating-point operations appearing earlier or later can be reordered).

If you need to perform some floating-point operations and check whether they raised an exception, use an inline assembly block for the entire sequence of operations.

For more info see _mm_setcsr

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