Module std::fs

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Filesystem manipulation operations.

This module contains basic methods to manipulate the contents of the local filesystem. All methods in this module represent cross-platform filesystem operations. Extra platform-specific functionality can be found in the extension traits of std::os::$platform.


  • A builder used to create directories in various manners.
  • Entries returned by the ReadDir iterator.
  • An object providing access to an open file on the filesystem.
  • Representation of the various timestamps on a file.
  • A structure representing a type of file with accessors for each file type. It is returned by Metadata::file_type method.
  • Metadata information about a file.
  • Options and flags which can be used to configure how a file is opened.
  • Representation of the various permissions on a file.
  • Iterator over the entries in a directory.


  • Returns the canonical, absolute form of a path with all intermediate components normalized and symbolic links resolved.
  • Copies the contents of one file to another. This function will also copy the permission bits of the original file to the destination file.
  • Creates a new, empty directory at the provided path
  • Recursively create a directory and all of its parent components if they are missing.
  • Creates a new hard link on the filesystem.
  • Given a path, query the file system to get information about a file, directory, etc.
  • Read the entire contents of a file into a bytes vector.
  • Returns an iterator over the entries within a directory.
  • Reads a symbolic link, returning the file that the link points to.
  • Read the entire contents of a file into a string.
  • Removes an empty directory.
  • Removes a directory at this path, after removing all its contents. Use carefully!
  • Removes a file from the filesystem.
  • Rename a file or directory to a new name, replacing the original file if to already exists.
  • Changes the permissions found on a file or a directory.
  • soft_linkDeprecated
    Creates a new symbolic link on the filesystem.
  • Query the metadata about a file without following symlinks.
  • Write a slice as the entire contents of a file.
  • try_existsExperimental
    Returns Ok(true) if the path points at an existing entity.