Tier: 3

The wasm32-wasip2 target is a new and still (as of January 2024) an experimental target. This target is an extension to wasm32-wasip1 target, originally known as wasm32-wasi. It is the next evolution in the development of wasi (the WebAssembly System Interface) that uses the WebAssembly component model to allow for a standardized set of syscalls that are intended to empower WebAssembly binaries with native host capabilities.

Target maintainers

  • Alex Crichton, https://github.com/alexcrichton
  • Ryan Levick, https://github.com/rylev


This target is cross-compiled. The target supports std fully.

Platform requirements

The WebAssembly runtime should support the wasi preview 2 API set.

This target is not a stable target. This means that there are only a few engines which implement wasi preview 2, for example:

  • Wasmtime - -W component-model