Tier: 3

This tier supports the ARM Cortex A9 processor running on a PlayStation Vita console. armv7-vita-newlibeabihf aims to have support for std crate using newlib as a bridge.

Rust support for this target is not affiliated with Sony, and is not derived from nor used with any official Sony SDK.

Target maintainers


This target is cross-compiled, and requires installing VITASDK toolchain on your system. Dynamic linking is not supported.

#![no_std] crates can be built using build-std to build core, and optionally alloc, and panic_abort.

std is partially supported, but mostly works. Some APIs are unimplemented and will simply return an error, such as std::process. An allocator is provided by default.

In order to support some APIs, binaries must be linked against libc written for the target, using a linker for the target. These are provided by the VITASDK toolchain.

This target generates binaries in the ELF format with thumb ISA.

Building the target

Rust does not ship pre-compiled artifacts for this target. You can use build-std flag to build binaries with std:

cargo build -Z build-std=std,panic_abort --target=armv7-sony-vita-newlibeabihf --release

Building Rust programs

To test your developed rust programs on PlayStation Vita, first you must correctly package your elf. These steps can be preformed using tools available in VITASDK, and can be automated using a tool like cargo-make.

First, set up environment variables for VITASDK, and it's binaries:

export VITASDK=/opt/vitasdk
export PATH=$PATH:$VITASDK/bin

Use the example below as a template for your project:

TITLE = "Rust Hello World"

# At least a "sce_sys" folder should be place there for app metadata (title, icons, description...)
# You can find sample assets for that on $VITASDK/share/gcc-arm-vita-eabi/samples/hello_world/sce_sys/
STATIC_DIR = "static"   # Folder where static assets should be placed (sce_sys folder is at $STATIC_DIR/sce_sys)
CARGO_TARGET_DIR = { script = ["echo ${CARGO_TARGET_DIR:=target}"] }

description = "Build the project using `cargo`."
command = "cargo"
args = ["build", "-Z", "build-std=std,panic_abort", "--target=armv7-sony-vita-newlibeabihf", "--release"]

description = "Strip the produced ELF executable."
dependencies = ["build"]
command = "arm-vita-eabi-strip"
args = ["-g", '${CARGO_OUT_DIR}/${CARGO_MAKE_CRATE_FS_NAME}.elf']

description = "Build an VELF executable from the obtained ELF file."
dependencies = ["strip"]
command = "vita-elf-create"

description = "Build an `eboot.bin` file from the obtained VELF file."
dependencies = ["velf"]
command = "vita-make-fself"
args = ["-s", '${CARGO_OUT_DIR}/${CARGO_MAKE_CRATE_NAME}.velf', '${CARGO_OUT_DIR}/eboot.bin']

description = "Build the `param.sfo` manifest using with given TITLE and TITLEID."
command = "vita-mksfoex"
args = ["-s", 'TITLE_ID=${TITLEID}', '${TITLE}', '${CARGO_OUT_DIR}/param.sfo']

description = "List all static resources into a manifest file."
script = [
  'mkdir -p "${CARGO_OUT_DIR}"',
  if [ -d "${STATIC_DIR}" ]; then
    find "${STATIC_DIR}" -type f > "${CARGO_OUT_DIR}/MANIFEST"

description = "Build a VPK distribution of the project executable and resources."
dependencies = ["eboot-bin", "param-sfo", "manifest"]
script_runner = "@rust"
script = [
    use std::io::BufRead;
    use std::fs::File;

    fn main() {

      let crate_name = env!("CARGO_MAKE_CRATE_NAME");
      let static_dir = env!("STATIC_DIR");
      let out_dir = std::path::PathBuf::from(env!("CARGO_OUT_DIR"));

      let mut cmd = ::std::process::Command::new("vita-pack-vpk");

      // Add files from MANIFEST
      if let Ok(file) = File::open(out_dir.join("MANIFEST")) {
          let mut reader = ::std::io::BufReader::new(file);
          let mut lines = reader.lines();
          while let Some(Ok(line)) = {
              let p1 = ::std::path::PathBuf::from(line);            // path on FS
              let p2 = p1.strip_prefix(static_dir).unwrap();        // path in VPK
              cmd.arg("--add").arg(format!("{}={}", p1.display(), p2.display()));

      cmd.arg(out_dir.join(format!("{}.vpk", crate_name)))
        .expect("command failed.");

After running the above script, you should be able to get a *.vpk file in the same folder your *.elf executable resides. Now you can pick it and install it on your own PlayStation Vita using, or you can use an Vita3K emulator.


Currently there is no support to run the rustc test suite for this target.


This target can be cross-compiled from x86_64 on either Windows, MacOS or Linux systems. Other hosts are not supported for cross-compilation.