Tier: 3

OpenBSD multi-platform 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system.

The target names follow this format: $ARCH-unknown-openbsd, where $ARCH specifies the target processor architecture. The following targets are currently defined:

Target nameC++ libraryOpenBSD Platform
aarch64-unknown-openbsdlibc++64-bit ARM systems
i686-unknown-openbsdlibc++Standard PC and clones based on the Intel i386 architecture and compatible processors
powerpc64-unknown-openbsdlibc++IBM POWER-based PowerNV systems
riscv64gc-unknown-openbsdlibc++64-bit RISC-V systems
sparc64-unknown-openbsdestdc++Sun UltraSPARC and Fujitsu SPARC64 systems
x86_64-unknown-openbsdlibc++AMD64-based systems

Note that all OS versions are major even if using X.Y notation (6.8 and 6.9 are different major versions) and could be binary incompatibles (with breaking changes).

Designated Developers

Fallback to ports@openbsd.org, OpenBSD third parties public mailing-list (with openbsd developers readers)


These targets are natively compiled and could be cross-compiled. C compiler toolchain is required for the purpose of building Rust and functional binaries.


The target can be built by enabling it for a rustc build.

target = ["$ARCH-unknown-openbsd"]

cc = "$ARCH-openbsd-cc"


These targets can be cross-compiled, but LLVM might not build out-of-box.


The Rust testsuite could be run natively.

Building Rust programs

Rust does not yet ship pre-compiled artifacts for these targets.