Tier: 3

Sony PlayStation 1 (psx)

Designated Developer


This target is cross-compiled. It has no special requirements for the host.


The target can be built by enabling it for a rustc build:

build-stage = 1
target = ["mipsel-sony-psx"]


This target can be cross-compiled from any host.


Currently there is no support to run the rustc test suite for this target.

Building Rust programs

Since it is Tier 3, rust doesn't ship pre-compiled artifacts for this target.

Just use the build-std nightly cargo feature to build the core and alloc libraries:

cargo build -Zbuild-std=core,alloc --target mipsel-sony-psx

The command above generates an ELF. To generate binaries in the PSEXE format that emulators run, you can use cargo-psx:

cargo psx build

or use -Clink-arg=--oformat=binary to produce a flat binary.