The use declaration can be used so manual scoping isn't needed:

// An attribute to hide warnings for unused code.

enum Status {

enum Work {

fn main() {
    // Explicitly `use` each name so they are available without
    // manual scoping.
    use crate::Status::{Poor, Rich};
    // Automatically `use` each name inside `Work`.
    use crate::Work::*;

    // Equivalent to `Status::Poor`.
    let status = Poor;
    // Equivalent to `Work::Civilian`.
    let work = Civilian;

    match status {
        // Note the lack of scoping because of the explicit `use` above.
        Rich => println!("The rich have lots of money!"),
        Poor => println!("The poor have no money..."),

    match work {
        // Note again the lack of scoping.
        Civilian => println!("Civilians work!"),
        Soldier  => println!("Soldiers fight!"),

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