pub struct SerializedDepGraph<K: DepKind> {
    nodes: IndexVec<SerializedDepNodeIndex, DepNode<K>>,
    fingerprints: IndexVec<SerializedDepNodeIndex, Fingerprint>,
    edge_list_indices: IndexVec<SerializedDepNodeIndex, (u32, u32)>,
    edge_list_data: Vec<SerializedDepNodeIndex>,
    index: FxHashMap<DepNode<K>, SerializedDepNodeIndex>,
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Data for use when recompiling the current crate.


nodes: IndexVec<SerializedDepNodeIndex, DepNode<K>>

The set of all DepNodes in the graph

fingerprints: IndexVec<SerializedDepNodeIndex, Fingerprint>

The set of all Fingerprints in the graph. Each Fingerprint corresponds to the DepNode at the same index in the nodes vector.

edge_list_indices: IndexVec<SerializedDepNodeIndex, (u32, u32)>

For each DepNode, stores the list of edges originating from that DepNode. Encoded as a [start, end) pair indexing into edge_list_data, which holds the actual DepNodeIndices of the target nodes.

edge_list_data: Vec<SerializedDepNodeIndex>

A flattened list of all edge targets in the graph. Edge sources are implicit in edge_list_indices.

index: FxHashMap<DepNode<K>, SerializedDepNodeIndex>

Reciprocal map to nodes.


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