Module rustc_query_system::dep_graph

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  • Code for debugging the dep-graph.
  • This module defines the DepNode type which the compiler uses to represent nodes in the dependency graph. A DepNode consists of a DepKind (which specifies the kind of thing it represents, like a piece of HIR, MIR, etc) and a Fingerprint, a 128 bit hash value the exact meaning of which depends on the node’s DepKind. Together, the kind and the fingerprint fully identify a dependency node, even across multiple compilation sessions. In other words, the value of the fingerprint does not depend on anything that is specific to a given compilation session, like an unpredictable interning key (e.g., NodeId, DefId, Symbol) or the numeric value of a pointer. The concept behind this could be compared to how git commit hashes uniquely identify a given commit and has a few advantages:
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    The data that we will serialize and deserialize.





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