Struct rustc_hir::hir::Expr[][src]

pub struct Expr<'hir> {
    pub hir_id: HirId,
    pub kind: ExprKind<'hir>,
    pub attrs: AttrVec,
    pub span: Span,

An expression.


hir_id: HirIdkind: ExprKind<'hir>attrs: AttrVecspan: Span


impl Expr<'_>[src]

pub fn precedence(&self) -> ExprPrecedence[src]

pub fn is_syntactic_place_expr(&self) -> bool[src]

pub fn is_place_expr(
    allow_projections_from: impl FnMut(&Self) -> bool
) -> bool

Whether this is a place expression.

allow_projections_from should return true if indexing a field or index expression based on the given expression should be considered a place expression.

pub fn peel_drop_temps(&self) -> &Self[src]

If Self.kind is ExprKind::DropTemps(expr), drill down until we get a non-DropTemps Expr. This is used in suggestions to ignore this ExprKind as it is semantically silent, only signaling the ownership system. By doing this, suggestions that check the ExprKind of any given Expr for presentation don’t have to care about DropTemps beyond remembering to call this function before doing analysis on it.

pub fn peel_blocks(&self) -> &Self[src]

pub fn can_have_side_effects(&self) -> bool[src]

Trait Implementations

impl<'hir> Debug for Expr<'hir>[src]

impl<HirCtx: HashStableContext> HashStable<HirCtx> for Expr<'_>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'hir> !RefUnwindSafe for Expr<'hir>

impl<'hir> !Send for Expr<'hir>

impl<'hir> !Sync for Expr<'hir>

impl<'hir> Unpin for Expr<'hir>

impl<'hir> !UnwindSafe for Expr<'hir>

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