Macro std::unreachable

1.0.0 · source ·
macro_rules! unreachable {
    ($($arg:tt)*) => { ... };
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Indicates unreachable code.

This is useful any time that the compiler can’t determine that some code is unreachable. For example:

  • Match arms with guard conditions.
  • Loops that dynamically terminate.
  • Iterators that dynamically terminate.

If the determination that the code is unreachable proves incorrect, the program immediately terminates with a panic!.

The unsafe counterpart of this macro is the unreachable_unchecked function, which will cause undefined behavior if the code is reached.


This will always panic! because unreachable! is just a shorthand for panic! with a fixed, specific message.

Like panic!, this macro has a second form for displaying custom values.


Match arms:

fn foo(x: Option<i32>) {
    match x {
        Some(n) if n >= 0 => println!("Some(Non-negative)"),
        Some(n) if n <  0 => println!("Some(Negative)"),
        Some(_)           => unreachable!(), // compile error if commented out
        None              => println!("None")


fn divide_by_three(x: u32) -> u32 { // one of the poorest implementations of x/3
    for i in 0.. {
        if 3*i < i { panic!("u32 overflow"); }
        if x < 3*i { return i-1; }
    unreachable!("The loop should always return");