pub enum RegionResolutionError<'tcx> {
    ConcreteFailure(SubregionOrigin<'tcx>, Region<'tcx>, Region<'tcx>),
    GenericBoundFailure(SubregionOrigin<'tcx>, GenericKind<'tcx>, Region<'tcx>),
    SubSupConflict(RegionVidRegionVariableOriginSubregionOrigin<'tcx>, Region<'tcx>, SubregionOrigin<'tcx>, Region<'tcx>, Vec<Span>),
    UpperBoundUniverseConflict(RegionVidRegionVariableOriginUniverseIndexSubregionOrigin<'tcx>, Region<'tcx>),


ConcreteFailure(SubregionOrigin<'tcx>, Region<'tcx>, Region<'tcx>)

ConcreteFailure(o, a, b):

o requires that a <= b, but this does not hold

GenericBoundFailure(SubregionOrigin<'tcx>, GenericKind<'tcx>, Region<'tcx>)

`GenericBoundFailure(p, s, a)

The parameter/associated-type p must be known to outlive the lifetime a (but none of the known bounds are sufficient).

SubSupConflict(RegionVidRegionVariableOriginSubregionOrigin<'tcx>, Region<'tcx>, SubregionOrigin<'tcx>, Region<'tcx>, Vec<Span>)

SubSupConflict(v, v_origin, sub_origin, sub_r, sup_origin, sup_r):

Could not infer a value for v (which has origin v_origin) because sub_r <= v (due to sub_origin) but v <= sup_r (due to sup_origin) and sub_r <= sup_r does not hold.

UpperBoundUniverseConflict(RegionVidRegionVariableOriginUniverseIndexSubregionOrigin<'tcx>, Region<'tcx>)

Indicates a 'b: 'a constraint where 'a is in a universe that cannot name the placeholder 'b.

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Note: Most layout information is completely unstable and may even differ between compilations. The only exception is types with certain repr(...) attributes. Please see the Rust Reference’s “Type Layout” chapter for details on type layout guarantees.

Size: 152 bytes

Size for each variant:

  • ConcreteFailure: 52 bytes
  • GenericBoundFailure: 68 bytes
  • SubSupConflict: 148 bytes
  • UpperBoundUniverseConflict: 84 bytes